About Us

Hey everyone, our names are Scott Payne and J.T. Putt. We are former college teammates. Baseball has been our life since before we can remember, the intricacies of this beautifully designed game drew us in and we have been immersed in it ever since. This site is all about sharing the what we have learned and doing all we can to help those who want their kids to be taught the correct way.

  • We help you become better as a coach, so you can help your players improve more efficiently…we give you the edge so you can give it to your players.
  • We help you become better as a parent, so you have the knowledge to help your child maximize their potential.

  • We are a collection of former players and current coaches that have a passion for seeing people consistently improve.

Scott Payne, Brian HIll, and Mark Robert, after winning the Wyoming State Championship in 2011

Scott Payne

Hey Everyone, my name is Scott Payne (Middle), and I’m originally from Wyoming, but I currently live in Denver, CO.

I played college ball at Mesa in Arizona, where I only committed 8 errors in 2 years as a middle infielder. I then finished up my college career at Regis University where I earned my degree in Health and Exercise Science.

I have become immersed in coaching and have worked tirelessly to develop the systems that can help you become a better coach and in turn help your players make quantum leaps. I have worked with players at every level, from little league all the way up to professionals. I understand how to get results…I will show you how to get your training to actually transfer into the game.

Scott Payne, Brian HIll, and Mark Robert, after winning the Wyoming State Championship in 2011

J.T. Putt

Hi everyone, my name is J.T. Putt, I am 28 and I currently live in Denver, CO.

I graduated from Regis University where I was an All-American baseball player. I then was able to play professionally on three continents: North America, Australia, and Europe.

Over the past few years, I have worked with several professional baseball players, helping them develop systems to help them become more efficient and effective within their training regiments. This includes Kevin Kouzmanoff who set the all-time single season fielding percentage record (.990) for an NL third baseman in 2009 while playing for the San Diego Padres. Nowadays, I am sharing this information with anyone who wants to learn how to truly become the best them they can be….in baseball and in life.

Our motivation behind creating this website and our academy is purely to get players that may not be the “blue chip” prospects the information that they need to get better.  Neither JT or I were blessed with superior natural athletic ability, but through proper coaching and hard work we were able to get our college paid for and even play a little professional baseball. Your kid or player can do it as well and the info that is in this website can be your roadmap.