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If you want to become a better youth coach and really understand the positioning and methods that professional infielders use on a daily basis, this is where you can get started.  Be the coach or parent that people turn to when they want to know the right way to do things.  You’ll see more success, faster, and on a more consistent basis if you implement these techniques with your players.  Not only that, but you’ll be able to tell a young player or his parent WHY you’re teaching what you’re teaching.

If you are really interested in THE DETAILS, and how to go about coaching the correct way, and give your players and kids the best opportunity to be successful and have more fun playing baseball, sign up for our weekly newsletter.

Not only will we cover all the “little things” about infield play, but we offer insights on the RIGHT way to go about coaching a youth team.

Topics our newsletter will cover that can help YOU become better at coaching and conveying the correct techniques to young baseball players:

  • Creating an efficient practice plan
  • Giving Signs – Simplicity is key
  • Pre-Game Warm Up
  • Calling Pitches
  • Double Cuts
  • Bunt Plays
  • Player Psychology
  • Player Discipline
  • How to Deal with angry Parents

And many more!

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