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We have many drills & techniques to help you reach your goals, but only one can be the most popular and that’s the Triangle Drill – Guaranteed to get your fielders in the correct fielding position…

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Need help with bunt defenses, double cuts, and basic how to coaching information? Our Coach’s Corner is a great place to start

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Who are these fools telling me how to coach baseball and what the heck do they know?

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“ and the guys at Catalyst Baseball Academy are teaching the correct infield techniques that I see instituted at the pro level every day. Infield defense is all too often neglected throughout all levels of baseball.  I know that my ability to play solid defense has been a huge contributing factor to being able to play in the major leagues. With all the new saber metrics in baseball, noticing defensive ability is becoming much more important. Using can give you the edge as a coach. Implement the techniques, and get results…period.”

Kevin Kouzmanoff Played in the MLB for the Cleveland Indians, San Diego Padres, Oakland Athletics, Texas Rangers and Colorado Rockies, Set single season fielding percentage record for an NL third baseman (.990) in 2009


“JT and Scott- Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I appreciate you guys opening the facility to me and my brother Cody.  You guys have the best training facility in Denver for professional athletes. The video equipment you guys use is especially helpful. Just a quick update on Cody: he was recently featured in Baseball America as a top prospect. Again, can’t thank you guys enough and I’ll make sure to keep you updated on Cody’s progress.” – Pat Farrell, Former New York Met / Cody Farrell, University of Texas Arlington


“As a head coach and director of golden competitive softball ( Sweet Cleats ) we were very pleased with the lessons that or teams received while going to your facility. ….. Scott and JT were great with our girls …..couldn’t ask for a more state of the art facility. ….. Thank you and we look forward to keep working with you guys for years to come” – Tony Zamora