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Knee To Fielding Position (FP) Drill

The Knee to FP drill is a great drill for players that are having a hard time working from down to up.  You can use this drill with all ages.

The first thing we want to talk about is the definition of ‘down to up’, the advantages of working down to up, and show you some examples of down to up as proof that this drill is important for you to integrate into your fielding routine.

What does down to up actually mean?: When you hear coaches and players refer to fielding the ball down to up it  means that the glove is beneath the ball coming in an upward direction as the ball hits the glove.

What are the advantages of working from down to up?: The obvious advantage is that you make the play successfully. The real key to working below the ball though is that it gets the glove into the correct depth, ON TIME, to make the play.

The drill does a couple of things

  1. It forces the fielder to work his or her glove from the turf to the ground ball (down to up)
  2. It gives the fielder an understand of how to move two separate parts of their body in different directions at the same time
  3. It helps the fielder understand the correct timing to get into fielding position.

Nolan Arenado is probably the best 3rd baseman in baseball.  He’s about as good of an example of ‘down to up’ as there is.  Watch how he deliberately works below the baseball.

Knee to FP Drill


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