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Stationary Footwork

The stationary footwork drill is great for players to understand that the entire progression of fielding a ground ball can be done in place (stationary), without having to cover a lot of ground towards or away from the ground ball.

Why is this important?: The reason that this is important is because young infielders often run themselves into “in-between” hops or “up-hops” (for a further explanation on exactly what these type of hops are view Getting the Correct Hop).

So many coaches preach “charging the ball”. While this is often the correct way to go about fielding a routine ground ball, there are many instances where it’s better to stay in a stationary position while going through the entire fielding progression.

What this Drill Accomplishes: This drill is great for getting fielding in the fielding position ON TIME. So often, we see kids try and go through the fielding progression just to get down into the actual fielding position late and field the ball deep.

The stationary fielding drill is great to help the fielder understand that they don’t have to dive bomb every single ground ball that’s hit at them. Often times it’s more effect to stay in place and field the ball with the feet moving. It teaches fielders to be efficient with their movements. A good saying to use is to tell your infielders that we want them to receive and deliver the baseball with as little movement as possible.

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