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Kevin Kouzmanoff, Currently under contract with the Texas Rangers, Played in the MLB for the Cleveland Indians, San Diego Padres, Oakland Athletics, and Colorado Rockies, Set single season fielding percentage record for an NL third baseman (.990) in 2009

“Infieldfundamentals.com and the guys at Catalyst Baseball Academy are teaching the correct infield techniques that I see instituted at the pro level every day. Infield defense is all too often neglected throughout all levels of baseball.  I know that my ability to play solid defense has been a huge contributing factor to being able to play in the major leagues. With all the new saber metrics in baseball, noticing defensive ability is becoming much more important. Using infieldfundamentals.com can give you the edge as a coach. Implement the techniques, and get results…period. “


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Ryan Mulhern, Played professionally for: Cleveland Indians, Pittsburg Pirates, Seibu Lions and Saraperos de Saltillo. In 11 professional seasons he has posted a .988 fielding percentage.

“As a professional infielder, I can tell you that there are a lot of youth coaches teaching incorrect fundamentals of infield play.  The guys at infieldfundamentals.com and Catalyst Baseball Academy are teaching the techniques that I practice with on a daily basis.”




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Kiel Roling, Colorado Rockies Organization (In 6 seasons of professional baseball Roling compiled a .994 fielding percentage).

“If you want you kids to have more fun playing baseball help them get better. Competence breeds confidence, when kids have success they have way more fun! InfieldFundamental.com has the information to help your young players actually improve. No fluff, just the correct drill sets to allow your players to improve and help you look like a mastermind coach. As I transition from my playing career into a coaching career I know I will use these drills, you should too.”


Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 9.25.19 PMTagg Lain – Head Baseball Coach for Cheyenne Post 6 Baseball, 27 Time Wyoming State Champions, 3-time Region Finalist, 892 career wins.

“InfieldFundamentals.com and Catalyst Baseball Academy’s methods are what we institute on an everyday basis when it comes to defensive play.  I confidently recommend utilizing all of the great information made available to you through the web-sit if you want positive results that are easy to institute and use in the future. Scott and J.T. provide the right information to improve any baseball player. The results that you will see from these coaching methods is something that is will give you a clear advantage as a coach. I will continue to study all of their great info and use it with our program as well as the youth teams here in Cheyenne”  

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