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Train The Mental Side

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We have articulated the fact that we have a genuine desire to not simply teach but to develop and inspire the complete individual. We love the game of baseball and we have a profound interest in helping you or your young athlete become the best player they can possibly be.

However, we recognize that sports can play a crucial role in the overall development of an individual. Moreover, we know that the best coaches are more than that, they serve as mentors.

We strive everyday to fill the roll of a mentor. The things we teach will without a doubt fine tune skills and deliver results as far as performance goes…but we want to offer much more than that. You take the role of a psychologist when you are a coach, especially in a sport that can be as difficult as baseball.

The simple fact is building character and confidence is just as much our focus. Always remember: By becoming a better person we become a better ball player! This page is just an area where we can share some of the inspiration and motivation that we believe helps train the “inner game.” Enjoy!

“I think there is a certain delusional quality that all successful people have to have. You have to believe that something different than what has happened for the last 50 million years of history…you have to believe that something different can happen.”-Will Smith
“Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity!”

“It’s unrealistic to walk into a room, flip a switch and lights come on…that’s unrealistic, fortunately Edison didn’t think so. It’s unrealistic to bend a piece of metal and fly people over an ocean in that metal. Fortunately, the Wright brothers and others didn’t believe that.”
-Will Smith

Can you imagine telling someone from the stone age that one day we would fly airplanes and have and incandescent light bulb? They wouldn’t even be able to comprehend it. To them the idea would be 100% unrealistic.

One of the most powerful abilities we have as human beings is the capability to dream. Any of the world’s most impressive accomplishment started out as a dream.

However, very often that creative facility is beaten out of us as we grow older. The stubbornness or naivety that allows for a dream to persist is a special thing. There will always be people around to tell you that something can’t be done. Our job as mentors is not to be that voice of negativity. Our job is to build confidence, encourage dreaming, and provide an environment that helps kids develop a positive self-image.

The fact is that we cannot outperform our own self-image. Therefore, to help not only players but also people reach their full potential we must ensure that their self-image is one that reflects that potential.

The above quote from Will Smith is so pertinent because people will not be willing to take the chance to dream or be “unrealistic” if they have a negative self-image.

If you want to accomplish great things make the conscious decision right now to stop obeying that voice in your head that says: “No you can’t do that, that’s just not realistic.” Decide today that the next time you have that thought you will stop and write down one reason as to why your idea was “unrealistic.”

Then force yourself to write down a solution to that barrier. Believe me, there is a way…it just might require a little more ingenuity. Do yourself a favor and push yourself to start being a bit more unrealistic. It is the birthplace of greatness.

Consider these words of wisdom:

“Many things that were considered completely unreasonable a hundred years ago are so common today that everyone takes them for granted. Great progress is made by those who have the foresight and the courage to be unreasonable.”

“Are your decisions being guided by the conventional wisdom about what is and what is not possible? That can keep you trapped in frustration and mediocrity.”

“Instead, listen to your heart and decide upon what you must do. Go beyond being merely reasonable, and live the life that you know is you.”
“Instead, of compromising your dreams to fit into what the rest of the world thinks, lift the world up to match your highest vision.”

-Ralph Marston

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