The Line Drill

Easy to learn. Easy to teach. Easy to get results.

The line drill is a simple drill that seems to produce the best results of any one of our infield exercises.
For whatever reason, kids (any age group) seem to pick this up very quickly and you’ll see results exponentially faster.
We’re all about being efficient and this is by far the most efficient drill we’ve found as well as the most simple drill to remember and teach effectively.
You can do it inside or outside, with or without a throw. A player can even do it by themselves off a wall.
*It does require knowledge of the fielding position so make sure your players have knowledge of the triangle drill.

You can read about the triangle drill here.

Detailed Setup Instructions Below

Drill Description

  • Creates left eye alignment
  • Prevents them from getting “stuck” and reinforces how important left foot timing is
  • Creates an angle for fielders to have better depth perception and choose the correct hop easily
  • Creates momentum into the throw
  • Promotes proper glove presentation
  • Gives players easy rules to field the routine ball directly at them, to their left, and a couple steps to their right and prevents players from over-pursuing in any direction

Drill Setup

1. Start at shortstop (SS) and have the fielders stand either directly in between the plate and SS or behind SS looking at the plate.
-It’s important that they’re able to see the line of the ground ball directly at the SS

2. Create a static example line of the ground ball using various methods (5 baseballs, draw a line in the dirt, use tape on the floor etc.)

3. Explain the reason why we don’t want to directly approach a ground ball

-hard to get depth perception of speed and choose the correct hop

-leads to being right eye

4. Define “clearing” – Clearing is getting both feet on the right side of the line of the ground ball (no further than that) and lining the glove hand up directly with the line of the ground ball

5. Explain Approach – when approaching the ball we want to stay in that clearing lane until our last two approach steps (more of an L pattern instead of approaching at an angle)

– While we’re in the clearing lane the glove is still off our left hip, preferably approaching knee line.

-When we enter into our last two approach steps we continue to keep our glove in line with the ground ball.

-Verbal cue is walk into your glove, don’t bring the glove into the feet.

6. Make sure you start with the routine ground ball directly at the infielder

– Line of ground ball should be directly between fielders feet

Clearing Explanation

Make sure to thoroughly explain what the clearing is and how to do this on the routine ground ball right at the fielder and to his right or left.

Remember – We want to stay in the hallway directly next to the line of the ground ball until our last two approach steps.

Coaching Tip

Use the verbal cue – “Catch the right side of the ball”

Routine Ball to the Left

Make sure to have the fielders pause in that lane, when approaching the routine ball to their left.

If they feel like they’re paused for too long have them gain a level towards the plate.

Coaching Tip

Obviously, if the fielder happens to be perfectly on time then they don’t have to pause, but we like to start them out with balls that they do have to pause on (not as far to their left) to make sure they get the feeling of not over pursuing.

Ball to the Right

It’s super important to get around this ball and get the momentum heading back towards first base.

A couple things to remember here:

1. This is done on a routine ground ball to the right that not hit very hard.

2. Early Glove presentation is key

Coaching Tip

Again, use the verbal cue catch the right side of the ball with this one especially.

There Are
-Explanation & Setup
-Static Ball Walk Through
-Rolled ball from short distance
-Fungo from plate

*Repeat steps above for routine ground ball to the left and the right

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